bronxscape / The Bronx New York / Parsons Design Workshop

Parson's Design Workshop 2009

Parsons’ unique pedagogy is reflected in the Design Workshop. Applying the design skills we develop at Parsons, is one of the most important lessons we learn at Parsons. The Design Workshop is a chance to actually affect the world in which we live in. The Workshop solves a design problem from beginning to end, teaching the students to ‘learn by doing.'

Thirteen of my classmates and I started The Design Workshop in January 2008. More than a year and a half later we are still working on the project: installing photovoltaic panels, connecting lights, and helping the residents od 1323 Louis Nine Boulevard plant and care for the gardens. This commitment is critical to the success of The Design Workshop, but also to construction in New York City. Our own dedication to the project was initially inspired by the passion of our client, The Neighborhood Coaliation for Shelter, for their own mission, which is to "end homelessness, through providing men and women with housing and support that can transform their lives." My class took this to heart when designing the bronXscape project. The Neighborhood coalition for Shelter challenged us to design a rooftop community space where the residents, 45 young adults aging out of the foster care system, could learn and participate in the growing cycle. We designed a rooftop garden and pavilion that would incorporate the facilities for vocational training, but also provie leisure and recreational spaces for the resdients which will enable them to take ownership of their new home, The rooftop becomes their community space, a retreat from the world around them where they can begin to form their own identity and transition into a life on their own